Mainbrick Paving Joint Filler

Mainbrick Paving Joint Filler is an eco-sensitive, one-component premixed paving joint filler.

It is used to fill the joints in a flagstone, brick, paver or other stone surface after the stones have been set, is easy to apply, does not require any special tools for application, and post-application cleanup can be done with only water and a broom.

It can be applied in wet or dry conditions and water is the only additional component needed for application. The liberal use of water during application compresses the material into joints, filling voids without the need for mechanical compacting equipment. The curing process starts as soon as the application of water is stopped. The cured product is permeable to water and air.

Mainbrick Paving Joint Filler is available in various natural colors such as basalt, deep black, natural sand, stone grey and terracotta.

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