Mainbrick Paving Joint Filler applied through a traditional jointing method

It is finally possible to wash in one-component paving joint filler through the traditional laying method. Mainbrick Paving Joint Filler has been refined successfully so it can now be washed in into the jointings with as much water as desired. This water tolerating jointing method reliably prevents cavities and insufficient joint fillings leading e. g. to frost damages.

Mainbrick Paving Joint Filler is suitable for a joint width of 3mm on.

Ideal for the jointing of natural and artificial stone, natural stone panels, cobblestone, pavement and flagstones.

Mainbrick Paving Joint Filler thus combines a water tolerating recipe with a traditional jointing method and a range of advantages for the user: – Can be processed in all conditions of weather – Pre-wetting of the surface possible, thus easier processing – Washing in possible, better joint-filling and higher material density – No formation of oil films on open-pore natural stone – No risk of stone decoloration – Easy and handy surface cleaning after installation

The application of Mainbrick Paving Joint Filler is now getting even easier through the new water tolerating recipe. Simple and effective!