Mainbrick Paving Joint Filler by a specialist

One component mortar for joints of paving, tiles and terraces. Easy and fast processing and high quality.

The first Paving Joint Filler , which is weather resistant and can be processed in the rain.
It prevents weed plants that is water-permeable, permeable to air and stored indefinitely.

Welcome to the Mainbrick online store here you will find Mainbrick Paving Joint Filler for grouting the terrace suitable for Nano-floor Sealing for all tile and Impregnation for concrete and screed.

Nano-Floor Sealing

Mainbrick Nano-floor sealing for protection against wear and abrasion of mineral surfaces as well as hairline cracks and porous surfaces


Impregnation for concrete, stone, cement pipes and all absorbent surfaces and rock types (including natural stone)

Grouted help

Protection against discoloration and residue residue of mortar and cement remains on patios, balconies, pavements and ceramics after grouting