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$8.94 / 1 Pound (lbs)
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  • Protects surfaces from wear
  • Prevents wear and fading of stones
  • Prevent pollution of oil and grease stains
  • No residue on the surface

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Nano-Floor Sealing

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$8.94 / 1 Pound (lbs)
Excl. 0% Tax

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Does the risk of your patio being ruined by stains worry you? Do you want to make sure that your garden paths stay protected? Have you always wanted an easier way to apply a concrete sealer? How about a concrete floor sealer that works easily and quickly?

After spending many an hour paving, it is essential to have the right tools to make sure that all that hard work was not in vain. Mainbrick Nano-Floor Sealing offers an easy and versatile way to make sure that your paving surfaces have the right protection they need.

Why it’s the right floor sealer for you

Mainbrick Nano-Floor Sealing is easy to apply, versatile and very effective.

Applying Mainbrick Nano-Floor Sealing can be done in two ways, either by using a soft roller for example a lamb’s wool roller, or a watering can with a sprinkler top and a broom.

Mainbrick Nano floor sealer can be used to help seal surfaces in a range of different places or areas, from pavement joints to staircases. For anyone that wants to seal a surface, in or out of the home, such as a concrete floor or a natural stone pavement, this is definitely an important tool.

An effective protector, Mainbrick Nano-Floor Sealing can prevent harmful things such as chewing gum, oil spots and other types of stains that could ruin your surfaces. It also prevents leaks and crumbling. This is great for anyone wanting to protect areas that people or animals might come into contact with and to make cleaning much easier.

How to use it

Application is really easy and all you need to do is:

  • Clean the area where you would like to use Mainbrick Nano-Floor Sealing.
  • Ensure the surface is dry.
  • Depending on the surfaces’ absorbency, use either a lamb’s wool roller to roll the sealer onto the surface, or spray with a normal watering can and spread the sealer using a squeegee or broom.

The recommended amount to use is approximately 0.26 gallon (us) per 50 foot²

Handy Tip:

To help make the application as safe as possible, use protective gloves and suitable eye protection.

Now What?

If you would like a sealer that protects, is easy to use and versatile, contact Mainbrick today!

color: wihte
Form: liqiud
Solids content: 21-23%
ppm: 106,8 - 142,4
Viscosity: 10-100MpA R
Density: 0,04 lb/in³
Particle diameter: approximately. 0,1μ
Frost resistance: hardy
Minimum film forming temperature: 41° – 45°F
Processing temperature: + 41°F to + 86°F
Water hazard class: Class 1 (weakly water polluting)


Handle in accordance with good industrial hygiene and safety practice. These include, in addition to adhering to the guidelines of the professional association, the use of protective gloves, skin care and wearing eye protection. Mainbrick nano-surface sealing is according to current knowledge does not require classification according to EU Directives (Directive 67/548/EC and substance in the preparation directive 99/45/EC, as amended.

Other safety-related data, see the threads on the product safety data sheet.


The shelf life of Mainbrick nano-surface sealing is in a sealed container and storage temperatures of 10-30 ° C for about 12 months. Strong warming is to be avoided as well as frost action. Contact with korrosiosempfindlichen metals or alloys must be avoided.

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Delivery time 5 business days